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City of Santa Barbara

735 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA, 93101, US



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Before You Apply!

  1. Please review the Pre-Application Terms and Conditions on the SBCE’s site for full eligibility*, and make sure you have the following documents available. Incorrect or missing information and/or documentation may delay the processing of your application. If you have questions or issues regarding the completion of this application, contact

Documents required for upload:

  1. Car Registration (temporary is acceptable)
  2. A full copy of the sales/lease agreement
  3. Valid CA Driver’s license (current, not expired)
  4. Proof of income-qualifying program enrollment (if applicable)

 *The Income Qualified Public Assistance Program List” below explains the criteria for income-qualified customers.

  1. Applicants must be enrolled in Santa Barbara Clean Energy's (SBCE) generation services to qualify. Your electric bill should say “Santa Barbara Clean Energy Electric Generation Charges” if you are an SBCE member. After reviewing your bill, if you are unsure of your status, please email for assistance.
  2. Applicants may only apply for one rebate per EV purchase/lease per SBCE account (the vehicle registration address should match the applicant’s address).
  3. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the EV must be less than $80,000 to qualify. This does not include destination charges or optional items added by the dealer, or taxes and fees.
  4. Vehicle must be purchased after November 15, 2023.
  5. Vehicle must be registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to an address enrolled in SBCE service.
  6. Vehicle must be one of the following types: Battery Electric Vehicles (“BEV”), Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (“PHEV”), Electric Motorcycles (new only).
  7. Eligible pre-owned vehicle must meet the following requirements: Must be 8 model years old or newer (e.g., Year 2024 = 2017 or newer), less than 75,000 original miles, no modifications to chassis or emission control systems, clean Title (cannot be salvaged), no open recalls (closed recalls must show proof of repairs).
  8. Remember! This rebate is available while funds last!!


Income Qualified Public Assistance Program List

  1. If you are already registered as a CARE/FERA customer, you are considered income-qualified; and
  2. If you are already signed up for one of the following programs, you will be considered income-qualified:
    1. Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
    2. CalFresh/SNAP (food stamps)
    3. CalWorks (TANF)/Tribal TANF
    4. Head Start Income Eligible (tribal only)
    5. Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
    6. Medi-Cal (income-qualified Medi-Cal only)
    7. Medi-Cal for Families (Healthy Families A&B)
    8. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    9. Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children
      1. To qualify, the applicant’s name must match that of the participant enrolled in the eligible public assistance program and the proof of enrollment must be dated within 12 months of the application submission date.
      2. At the end of this application, you must submit proof of enrollment for the income-qualified list in number 2, above. CARE/FERA customers are already registered in SBCE’s system.

Full Name

Account Numbers

Mailing Address

Is your physical address the same as your mailing address? (optional)

Physical Address (Where car is registered)

Are you currently enrolled in one of the following rate assistance programs? Please select one:

Vehicle Type: (select one)

Date of Vehicle Purchase/Lease (Must be after 11/15/2023)

Date Picker

Vehicle Info:

How did you hear about this Electrify Santa Barbara Program? (Please check all that apply)

Are you Interested in helping others benefit from SBCE Energy Programs? (Please check all that apply)

By submitting this application, APPLICANT agrees to the following Post-Application TERMS and CONDITIONS:

  1. APPLICANT agrees to indemnify and defend SBCE and its agents or representatives from all claims, demands, and liabilities, including bodily injury claims arising out of or in connection with the APPLICANT’s participation in the Program.
  2. Submittal of this Application does not commit SBCE to any financial obligation to any APPLICANT. SBCE will only commit to award funds to APPLICANT upon written confirmation that all program eligibility conditions are met and all required documents and information pertaining to this Application have been provided to SBCE.
  3. Application Approval does not guarantee funding. Funding is granted on a first-come, first-served basis, while funds last. Rebate amounts are subject to change without prior notice.
  4. SBCE reserves the right to discontinue the Program at any time for any or no reason and remove all available non-reserved funds.
  5. SBCE reserves the right to change the requirements and/or due dates as necessary.
  6. SBCE reserves the right to consider factors other than those specified within this Application and to request additional information from APPLICANT that are pertinent to the Program.
  7. SBCE reserves the right to reject any or all applications received in relation to the Program for any reason.
  8. SBCE does not issue a 1099 for the rebate and SBCE cannot offer tax advice of any kind. It is APPLICANT'S responsibility to contact a tax professional regarding the taxability of the provided rebate. SBCE is not responsible for any tax liability which may be imposed as a result of payment of any rebates. The City is not providing tax advice, and any communication by the City is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code.
  9. APPLICANT shall retain ownership of the new vehicle for a minimum of 24 consecutive months following the vehicle purchase or lease date. Applicant must notify SBCE in writing if the applicant intends to resell the vehicle or return the vehicle to a dealer within this 24-month period prior to taking any such action. Resale of the vehicle or return to a dealer is allowed within this 24-month period if necessitated by unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances and has been given prior written approval by SBCE. However, resale of the program-funded vehicle for financial gain within 24 months is not allowed. If the vehicle is returned or sold within 24 months after the purchase or lease date, SBCE reserves the right to recoup all or a pro-rated amount of the original incentive amount from the applicant and/or pursue any other legal actions deemed appropriate.
  10. APPLICANT agrees to remain enrolled in SBCE service for a minimum of 24 consecutive months following the vehicle purchase or lease date.
  11. APPLICANT shall insure the new vehicle as required by the California State law for a minimum of 24 consecutive months immediately after the vehicle purchase or lease date.
  12. APPLICANT certifies that all information provided as part of this Application, including any attachments, are true and correct.
  13. By signing below, the APPLICANT represents that the APPLICANT has read and agrees to these “TERMS and CONDITIONS” of the Electrify Santa Barbara Rebate Program and acknowledges that failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions is automatic grounds for disqualification from the program.

SBCE staff requires scans or images of the following documents: 

  1. Car registration (temporary is acceptable)
  2. Full agreement for sale or lease contract
  3. CA drivers license 
  4. Proof of income-qualifying program enrollment (if applicable)

Car Registration

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Sale/Lease Agreement

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Driver's License

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Income-Qualifying Program (If Applicable)

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