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City of Santa Barbara Downtown Parking

(805) 564-5656 x 3


INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL BE VOID - Please be prepared with a PDF or JPEG of your CA Vehicle Registration.
You must complete all application fields and submit valid California vehicle registration.

Eligibility Rules:
· Applicants must be employed in the downtown core and reside outside of the downtown core.
· Permits must maintain frequent use. Permits which go unused for three months may be terminated.
· Permits may only be used by the applicant and are non-transferrable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I use a permit?
A: You will receive a small RFID card that you will scan as you enter and exit the lot.
Q: Can my employer pay for the permit?
A: We are happy to send the invoice wherever you would like. If your employer is paying for your permit, please provide their information in the “Billing Information” portion of the application.
Q: What happens to my permit if I change jobs or no longer work downtown?
A: If you no longer meet the eligibility requirements by holding a job in the downtown core, your permit will need to be relinquished to the City and will be offered to the next person on the wait list.
Q: Can my permit be paused if I am going on vacation?
A: Due to the high demand for these permits, we are unable to pause a permit.
Q: If I have to go out on medical leave, can I pause my permit?
A: We cannot pause a permit, but we can temporarily waive the use requirements until you are able to return to work. We cannot waive or pause the monthly permit fee.
Q: Can I transfer my permit to another employee at my work?
A: If you are no longer using your permit or no longer meet the eligibility requirements, the permit must be relinquished to the City and will be offered to the next person on the waitlist. Permits will only be re-assigned using the established waitlist, and may not be transferred directly to another individual.
Q: I drive multiple vehicles; can I use the permit in each vehicle?
A: Absolutely! Please provide vehicle registration for any vehicle you will be driving. Each vehicle must be registered to the permit holder or an immediate family member.
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