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City of Santa Barbara

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Monthly EV Parking Permit

In order to encourage a greater adoption of electric vehicles the
City is piloting affordable Electric Vehicle (EV) Permits at the
Granada Garage for downtown employees, businesses and
residents that allow daily access to vehicle charging for employees
of the downtown core. Permits are provided at a discounted rate
and do not include ChargePoint fees. Additionally, the pilot is
limited to the 30 EV stations located on the roof of the Granada
Garage. Further discounts are available to applicants who qualify
for the Clean Vehicle Grant.

Commuter permits allow an EV driver to park and charge their vehicle in
one of the designated spots on the roof of the Granada Garage between the
hours of 8am and 6pm, without the need to be actively charging. This
differs from the other EV chargers in City lots, which currently require the
user to be actively charging. So this pilot program avoids the four-hour
shuffle! These permits benefit from a significant discount on monthly
permit fees and do not include Chargepoint fees.

Permit fees are $75/monthly for Monthly Commuter Permits and further reduced to $50/month for those who qualified for, and received, the Clean Vehicle Grant.

To apply, you will need the following:
  • California Vehicle Registration for Electric Vehicle.
  • Proof of Clean Vehicle Grant eligibility for discounted monthly fee.
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