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City of Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation Department

PO Box 1990 Santa Barbara, CA 93102-1990


Commercial Activity Permit Application

City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation

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Are you representing a non-profit organization?

Proof of non-profit status is required to qualify for non-profit pricing. 

Any of the following is acceptable evidence of nonprofit status:

1. a copy of a currently valid IRS tax exemption certificate.

2. a statement from a State taxing body, State Attorney General, or other appropriate State Official certifying that the applicant organization has a nonprofit status.

3. a certified copy of the organization’s certificate of incorporation or similar document that clearly establishes nonprofit status.

4. any of the above proof for a State or national parent organization and a statement signed by the parent organization that the applicant organization is a local nonprofit affiliate.

Upload proof of non-profit status here

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A Certificate of Liability Insurance with these coverage details is required:

$1,000,000.00 in general liability coverage

• "The City of Santa Barbara, its employees, officers and agents" (use this exact language) must be lilsted as "Additional Insured"

• Coverage dates include all sessions

Upload a copy of your liability insurance certificate here

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Businesses and commercial entities are required to have a current busniess license issued by the City of Santa Barara Finance Office. To apply for this license, please visit this webpage: /

Upload a copy of your current City of Santa Barbara business license here

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