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Recreation After-school Program

100 E. Carrillo St.

(805) 564-5495


2021-2022 RAP Scholarship Application


The City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department offers scholarships for the Recreation Afterschool Program (RAP).  Please note that scholarship funds are limited and provided on a first come, first served basis; and are based on income eligibility. PLEASE NOTE: submitting a scholarship application does not guarantee a scholarship. 

The RAP After-school Program is for 1st-6th grade only. 

STEP 1- Do you have a PerfectMind Account with Parks and Recreation? Is your medical information updated?

  • If YES, go to STEP 2.
  • if NO, please log in to your account and amend your child’s medical information. log-in to your account here. Need help amending your child's medical information? click here for instructions.

Step 2- Complete this Scholarship Application and upload a photo of the first page (1040 Form) of your 2020 Income Tax Return along with 2 of your most current pay stubs.

Families interested in having their scholarship application reviewed for RAP Session 1 must submit their completed application by Friday, August 6 by 5:00pm. Notification regarding scholarship awards will be provided via email by August 13th.

Scholarship applications submitted after Friday, August 6 by 5:00pm, will be reviewed in September. Notifications regarding scholarship status will be emailed before the start of RAP Session 2.

Parent Name

Full Address

Participant Name & Grade

Participant Name & Grade

Participant Name & Grade

Participant Name & Grade

Participant Name & Grade

Have you received a RAP scholarship in past years?

Do you receive assistance from any of the following?

Are you a single parent?

Parents and Children

Documents you will need to apply for a RAP scholarship:

  • 1040 form from 2020 
  • 2 most recent paycheck stubs 

What is a 1040 Form? Here is an example:

1040 Form

2 most recent paycheck stubs

I understand that I will be notified about my scholarship through email ONLY. If I don't accept my scholarship by Monday, August 16 by 12pm, my scholarship will be given to the next person on the waitlist.

I understand that my child may not attend the RAP program, unless my child's Medical Information is updated.

Need help amending your child's medical information? Click here for instructions

If you have already updated your child's medical information, then you don't need to do it again. Medical information is required to be updated once a year. 

I understand to maintain my scholarship for the entire school year, I must use the program on a full-time basis and follow all RAP program rules and policies.

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